Empty Spaces

I don’t want you to leave,
at least not forever.
I’m just sick of the drama
and the feeling of being severed,
from trust and honesty,
and some of my friends,
who now barely know me.
I can’t make amends
for what I didn’t do,
encourage, or ask for,
so I asked you to solve it
because you are its core.
But now you’re angry,
with me, of course.
All I did was love you,
even though you’re the source
of every problem and regret
I’ve had this past year.
None of it mattered
when you were near.
Because you made me feel
like I wasn’t alone.
You helped me keep moving,
when I was just a drone
of sadness, pain, and anger,
from the past I couldn’t shake.
You helped me let go,
but you remained fake.
I finally opened up,
but that’s when you left,
leaving me vulnerable
and full of regret.
I wish we could go back
to those times we were happy,
just being together,
enjoying each other’s company.
But now you’re gone.
I doubt you’re coming back.
I don’t know how to mend
that empty, painful crack
that you left behind
when you decided
I wasn’t worth your time,
and our hearts were parted.


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