I hate being scared
of things that could occur.
I hate being treated
in a way I don’t deserve.
They tell you in school
about the golden rule:
Just treat others how
you want them to treat you.
But the part they leave out
is more important still:
Don’t take treatment
they wouldn’t take as well.
So you’ll spend your time
feeling down on yourself
because you let someone else
put you through hell.
But the thing they don’t get
is that everyone has
a point of breakage,
at which no more will pass.
They can yell and can scream.
But you’re already through
putting up with all
that they had you do.
So walk away at last,
free from their grasp.
They don’t deserve you.
Leave them to the past.
And cherish this lesson
they taught to you:
No one can hurt you
unless you approve.


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