What Do You See?

I am the phantom
That haunts your reality.
You have never understood me,
Nor have you ever tried
Because I am different.
You look at me
And see what you expect
Whatever stereotype
You decide fits me.
But you are scared,
Because I do not fit any of them
And you cannot understand
How that could possibly be.
You look at me,
And see, not your opposite,
But everything you fear you could be,
Everything you despise in this world,
Everything that has ever wronged you.
Perhaps you should not use your eyes,
But your ears,
And you would hear my honesty,
As I only attempt to survive,
Like the rest of you.
Or your heart,
And you would understand my differences,
And know that they only make me more similar
To you or anyone else that pretends
To be someone they are not.
You look at me,
But you do not see me.
All that you can see,
Is the fog of your nightmares,
Masking reality and showing only
What you hope never to be,
So that you may rise above it,
And prove to yourself you are better.
Maybe then, I will go away.
But if you truly saw me,
Maybe you would not want me to.
Maybe you would see,
That all I have ever been
Is me.


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