Opportunity’s Maze

I walk straight,
But I never come closer.
The doorway is large,
But it only grows smaller.
I would say I walk backwards,
If I did not know better,
Or perhaps the ground
Moves beneath my feet,
And I am standing still.
It seems to be
An optical illusion,
That I draw nearer,
And the doorway
Shrinks away.
I will reach it eventually,
But by the time I reach it,
The question is truly
Whether I will still be able
To fit through.
I grow to become obsessed,
With a dream of something
That is, perhaps, unobtainable.
Or perhaps, I am simply obsessed
With the way that I see,
And as I move forward,
Never stopping to look around me,
I have missed three hallways,
That lead around it.
If I had only looked around,
Taken note of my surroundings,
Considered my options before deciding,
I could have gotten there.
But, here, I sit,
In front of a doorway, too small,
To even look through.
And as I obsess over these mistakes,
And all that I have missed,
I will miss again
My last opportunity,
The hallway that lies to my right.


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