In Its Nature

Some prefer the ocean
When the skies are crystal clear,
When the waves rolling in are gentle
And calmly smooth the sand.
I prefer the ocean
When it storms
And waves crash down like thunder,
Splashes erupt like lightning,
And its true power unfolds.
The rage of the world is present
Rather than hidden in pretty scenery
And it is so much more than breathtaking.
True nature is revealed
In all of its raw potential,
Holding the most devastating power
Hidden beneath the surface
Of a sparkling and warm,
Even comforting sort of atmosphere.
Who could suspect at first glance
That something so wonderful,
Where children play and families gather,
Could thoughtlessly and mercilessly
Cause so much damage
To those who admire it so highly?
Perhaps only fools
Would underestimate that,
Which has no thought
And therefore gives none to morals.
For it is simply in its nature
To destroy
All that it may touch
One day
And to sooth
All who may approach it
On another.


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