Illusion of Memory

I dream of you,
But your features are blurred,
Always hiding behind the veil
My mind has created
To keep you out.
And your words mix together
As though being played
On a broken record
That never stops spinning.
Your touch is soft
As though made of sand
That will drift away on the wind
The moment it is grasped,
Forcing me to wonder
If you were ever truly there
To begin with.
I reach to remove the veil,
But you are hidden in the shadows
At the very back of my mind,
My memory.
I light a candle
To illuminate this corner
And you,
But the veil catches,
And I panic before I can think,
Squeezing my eyes shut
To block you out again.
Will I ever stop running from you,
Whose memory I so desperately
Run after in the night
But can never seem to catch?
For what will I do
If you are not as I believe
And I have created a false you
To soothe the blisters
You left on my skin?
Or if you are exactly
As I thought all along,
And I was right in wishing
Never to see you again?


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