Lost in Smoke

Hold it in,
The smoke and the fire.
Never breathe out
And risk the destruction
Of all that is so dear to you.
The memories these relics hold
Will billow in thick, black clouds
From the ashes,
And you will find yourself
Lost in the darkness.
And where do you turn
When you know not
What you are already facing?
But how do you step forward
To reach it either?
Turning in circles
Until the end of time,
And you cannot even
See yourself spinning,
The clouds all around you
Too dark to look different.
Until there comes a day
To wash away your sorrow,
The smoke that suffocates you
Washed into the dirt.
And on newly budding grass
That has pried its way
Through the pile of ashes,
Dew will shine
With brilliant clarity.
And, at long last,
You will take your first steps
Out of the forest clearing,
Having finally chosen your path.


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