Heart of Glass

My glass has shattered,
But no matter!
It soon shall be once again.

It has cracked before;
I know the horror,
But it soon shall be once again.

Though for now it’s not joyous,
It is lifeless and pointless,
I know it will find another.

A wounded shard,
Scratched and scarred,
It too seeking a lover.



Pitter! Patter!
The sound of rain as it shatters
The smooth, glass surface
of a lake.
Little ducks take cover
Under the wings of their mothers,
Waiting for stormy, dark clouds
to go away.
Sunlight breaks through!
It is pure and it is true,
Piercing the suffocating black
of the storm.
The ducklings glide
Into the light from the sky,
Basking happily, innocently
in its warmth.

Faith Through a Storm

Fly, little bird! Fly!
And carry with you
Upon strong, determined wings
Hope that the sun will shine again.
And as you fly,
Through thundering rain
And great, howling winds,
If light seems too far away,
Look inside!
There you will find
Hope for the beauty and light
Of another day.