When We Were Young

Once upon a time,
Joy poured from thick, gray clouds.
You and I
I kicked puddles at you,
And you tried to push me into them
As we screamed,
Wild beasts that we were
When we were young.
My straight hair
And curled around my rosy cheeks.
Your glasses
And you abandoned them
And all caution.
The others
Ran inside.
We stayed.
We lived
In the mud and grime,
And we were free.
It rains again,
But what falls from those clouds
Is sorrow
As you put up an umbrella
To protect your vision
And hurry inside.



I hear it
Before I feel it,
Cool drops
Speckling my burning skin,
Washing away the tension.
Mist swims around me,
And I am the only person
Right now.
I feel alive.
I feel beautiful.
As it showers over me,
I feel
Like myself,
And laughter shines
From within,
Glittering against the mist
And ringing off the puddles.
I let go
Of frustration,
Of stress,
Of everything
That could take away
From the magic
In this one moment
Where I am free
To be me.