No Time

I used to wonder:
If everyone on Earth
Stood still,
Held their breath
For one minute,
Has any time
Actually passed?
We have not aged.
We have not moved.
And if there were one person
Who did not,
Who walked through the statues,
And observed the stillness,
Does time only pass for them?
Or does their pushing time
Cause it to pass for all of us?
Do our eyes following them
Across the road,
Their movement against the stillness
Drawing our attention,
Our energy,
Cause us to move
More than we intended?
Does it break the stillness for all of us?
Or maybe they age just a fraction
More than the rest of us have.
Even though we all
Experienced that moment,
We all experience it differently.
Is it our thoughts
That prove the passage of time?
Is it our heartbeats,
That we cannot force to stop?
Is it the fact
That we were there,
That we do remember,
That we did experience it,
That prove
That the Earth did not stop spinning,
Our clocks did not stop ticking,
And all other life on Earth
Continued on without us?
Or will  it never be more
Than a memory,
Of the time
There was no time?


Change in Time

I cannot feel the time that passes,
Only the time that is gone.
I cannot sense the seasons changing,
Only the difference once they are done.
I cannot see the moon become full,
Nor watch the sun as it moves.
I cannot know the light is changing
Until it illuminates the room.
And not a day goes by
Inside my mind
That holds any weight I can feel
Until my shoulders are hanging
With the weight of the world
And my feet drag as though made of steel.
I wish time would slow down,
Give me time to look around,
Though I know time is not to blame.
I’ve been far too careless
And took it for granted
That all flowers might bloom again
At some later time
When I did not assume
I was already too busy
To take them in.